Legacy of Phandelver

Baldur's Gate, a Spooky Detour and the Open Seas

Or, I'm Sorry for being Lazy

So, much has happened since the adventure blog was last updated. The heroes arrived in Baldur's Gate after surviving an ancient dungeon and found themselves in the midst of Baldur's Gate's harvest festival. They directed toward a group of adopted sibling alchemist/artificers outside of town, the Silverweavers, and were able to offload Durthmeck's solid gold, jewel encrusted golem. With the enormous payoff from this they purchased a house and ship.


While exploring the house they found a corpse which launched them into an investigation that uncovered an old conspiracy in Baldur's Gate centered around the town's officials and a defunct revolutionary group known as Balduran's Fist. It turned out that the group was still operating in secret with the original leader's daughter running the show and looking for revenge. She had committed the murder to draw attention to the injustices and used her righteous fury to march into Baldur's Gate and challenge Duke Silvershield, the perpetrator of her father's murder, for control of the city via an ancient rite known as Balduran's Justice. It involved Balduran using his mighty warhammer to make legal decisions and had been a highly respected way of dispute resolution until the hammer had been lost during Balduran's adventures in the lost continent of Anchorome. The adventurers, fielding offers of power and heroism from both sides, contemplated this while preparing their ship to make the voyage…


However, there was a detour. The adventurers met some new hired muscle (a human barbarian named Kenneth and a tiefling warlock called Legend) at their mansion and were on their way to the harbor when they were suddenly enveloped in a thick fog. This fog routed them to a mansion they'd never seen and, after a strange encounter with two children who desperately asked for help, trapped them inside. The heroes spent a long night of harrowing exploration and dark discovery and found that the mansion had been home to a dark cult that worshipped a vampire lord that dismissed them out of hand. This only increased their fervor and ultimately damned them to haunt their headquarters for eternity. The intrepid adventurers broke this curse and laid the many trouble spirits of the place to rest, and then suddenly found themselves back in parts of Baldur's Gate that they recognized. Sorey had decided to stay behind and Kenneth took up his slack as they launched out to sea.


The voyage to Anchorome was long and quite eventful. In the first week the heroes fought off a ghost ship and its spectral crew, though Antien was possessed for a time. The second week, the heroes encountered a fearsome dragon turtle after navigating their ship through a field of wicked debris. Nickolash's dragon heritage really shone as he communicated with the beast and found that it wanted a toll of 800 gold. He tried to barter it down but failed, and so he and the crew forced Antien to give up his diamond that he'd acquired in Durthmeck's dungeon. In the last week, just as Balduran's Bay was in sight, the heroes found their ship incapacitated by a might kraken. The beast was formidable but ultimately fell to the heroes and, so, the party was able to safely dock in this strange new world…



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