Legacy of Phandelver

Sessions 3 & 4

Phandelver and the Redbrands

Our heroes returned triumphant from Cragmaw Keep and took some much needed rest in Phandelver's local inn. Upon waking, our heroes did a bit of exploring and chatting with the locals. The bard found out from the innkeeper that most of the locals wouldn't be of much help due to the Redbrands, a local gang that was terrorizing the town with impunity. The heroes tried appealing to the mayor, but he feared the Redbrands too much, so they talked to their new friend Sildar, who told them a little more about his wizard friend Iarnor. Iarnor had last been seen near Tresendar manor, which just so happened to be the Redbrands' hideout.


After dealing with some bloodthirsty Redbrand emissaries, our heroes plunged into the ancient building and dispatched the first few Redbrands. From there they came upon a dark hallway. Bert the dwarf, more than a little inebriated, went first but managed to get the end of the hallway without incident. The others did not. Nick the dragonborn took so much damage, in fact, that he rendered himself unconscious.  Sorey revived him and then tossed Eliza the halfing out of the pit and, with Bert's help, fished their comrades out of the trap. They proceeded through an ancient set of double doors and entered an ancient crypt. No sooner had they entered than they found themselves beset upon by animated skeletons. Nick was once again knocked unconscious, and the party, not in much better shape themselves, decided to take a few hours to rest. 


Their wounds and energy restored, they pressed on and dispatched two more Redbrand ruffians and freed a family they'd intended to sell as slaves. The Dendrars thanked the heroes with information: they informed them that the Redbrand boss, Glasstaff, employed bugbears, and then told them of a priceless family heirloom they might be able to find as a reward. The heroes told them to stay put while they cleared the building out and moved further in, finding themselves in a large natural cavern with an equally large crevasse in the floor. The passage was halted by the presence of a one-eyed monstrosity called a nothic. However, the formidable creature's powers failed it and it was dispatched with relatively little effort from the heroes. They moved further in and found themselves outside a common room full of drunk Redbrands. They dawned the capes they stole earlier and disguised Nick as a prisoner and entered. Things seemed dicey at first as the Redbrands pegged them as imposters immediately, but a bit of smooth talking from Sorey convinced the drunk gamblers that they were new recruits. They gained Glasstaff's location and pressed onward, only to find that they'd just missed the crafty wizard. They did, however, find a note identifying him as none other than Iarno, the very man they'd been sent to rescue, and the Iarno was in the employ of the mysterious Black Spider. They then noticed a secret door ajar and, after emptying the room of its valuables, dashed out and caught up to Iarno. Sorey landed a solid tackle, capturing and disarming the wizard. Realizing his defeat, he submitted and gave the party some more key information, including the revelation that the Black Spider is a drow elf. So, armed with new leads, the party handed Iarno over to Sildar and prepared to make their next move…



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