Legacy of Phandelver

The Adventure So Far...
Goblins and bugbears and wolves, oh my!

The first two sessions have been good ones so far, and I wanted to recap for Bekah's benefit since she missed last session due to my being disorganized.


So, in the first session, our heroes made their way to Phandalin, a town whose only claim to fame is a legendary dwarven mine known as Phandelver. Recently an entrance into the mine, Wave Echo cave, was unearthed by the three dwarven Rockseeker brothers. One of them, Gundren, called for aid and our heroes responded by agreeing to escort a large cart loaded with supplies. On the way, our heroes are ambushed by goblins. Despite suffering a few grievous wounds, the adventurers slew all but one goblin, who, though direly wounded itself, escaped into the woods. They caught up to it, interrogated it and then gave it a quick death and discussed the information they received. Gundren's trail disappeared into a mountside keep named Cragmaw. Cragmaw, they found out from the goblin, was ruled by a bugbear named Klarg and heavily manned by wolves and goblins. The heroes then bedded down and took care of their wounds.


The next day found them cautiously approaching the great cave. After a bit of strategizing, the bard, Nick, used a goblin instrument to try and lure the goblins out, but only succeeded in whipping the wargs into a such a frenzy they broke their chains and charged out. Two of the wolves were defeated with ambush tactics, and the other was baited into the nearby stream by the Paladin Bert, who signaled to the bard. The bard unleashed his thunder breath and dispatched the last of the beasts. They carefully entered the cave and investigated some tell tale growls and grunts to find out from the fighter, Sorey, that they were outside a goblin common room and they were mostly telling tales, though they also seemed to have a captive of some kind. The party once again put together a plan and drew the goblins out and into the stream. Unbeknowsnt to the goblins, Frost the sorceress had frozen a large patch of the stream, causing them fall into a heap and collide into the far cave wall. Thanks to the cave wall and the various heavy, blunt goblin weapons the lot of them ended up knocking themselves out. Our heroes tied them up and put them outside the cave and then freed the goblin's prisoner, Sildar. Sildar is a human soldier and member of Lords' Alliance of Waterdeep who befriended Gundren. He had come with Gundren but they had fallen prey to same ambush our heroes thwarted earlier, leaving him a prisoner to the goblins, and Gundren's fate unknown. After healing and arming Sildar, the party continued upward, where they managed to ambush a goblin standing guard on a bridge. They cleared the subsequent room of a few more goblins and then entered Klarg's throne room. Klarg, his pet wolf Ripper, and his honor guard of hobgoblins launched an attack and, despite a long and vicious battle that left Sildar and a few other members of the part battered and bruised, they emerged victorious. They the looted room, finding a significant amount of currency and, more importantly, a note that gave them a lead on Gundren: apparently he had been taken on the orders of a mysterious being known as the Black Spider. So, with a lead on their friend and in badly in need of some R&R, the party headed back to Phandalin, where they're currently recuperating and taking in the local culture before regrouping…

Let's Get Started

Work has now slowed back down to just about normal, and the regular spate of parties and general craziness have come and gone (except for New Year's), so, it's time to get this campaign rolling. I want you guys to have your characters at least started by the time we get to our planning meeting, specifically your race and class, and, if you have time, roll up your core stats. As for that meeting…it will probably be easiest for all of us if I create a page on FB for this so we can coordinate a time, date and location. This meeting will be for hammering out a regular time and meeting for the sessions and answering any questions about the game and the campaign in general. We won't be doing any kind of gameplay just yet. So, I will see you guys on FaceBook!

The Basics

Ok, here's what's going on: since we have so many new players I elected to play it safe and go with the campaign that comes with the official Starter Set. It's relatively short but still has a lot of meat, so if we can get everybody through it alive and still enjoying the game we'll take those characters and put them into a longer, more difficult campaign. We will be using the 5th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules for this campaign. I know most of you have your own copies of the Player's Handbook, but for those who don't, I have a .pdf. Normally I'd upload it to my Google Drive and link it in the forums, but Wizards of the Coast tends to get into a snit about that kind of thing. So, since the one person who doesn't currently have the rules lives in my house, I'll just supply a copy via flash drive. Once the craziness of the holidays settles down we'll have a meeting and hammer out details relating to meetings times and places for sessions. One last nuts and bolts thing to discuss: dice. You can use an app if you like, but part of the fun of a table top RPG is rolling dice. The basic dice you'll need are a d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, and d4. Fortunately, hobby shops and places like Barnes & Noble, where I work, carry sets that have one of each of these dice. They can also be ordered through various online sources, but either way, they're pretty inexpensive and it really gives you a sense of ownership in the game when you have your own set. 


Alright, now that that's out of the way, let me give you a brief overview of the campaign. The story surrounds an ancient dwarven mine (hence the title) said to house untold wealth, but that's only where we'll end up. There will be a journey to get there, and therein lies the heart of table top roleplaying games. This journey will begin with our heroes (that's you) making your way to a town called Phandalin. Why are you going there? That, and all the details, are up to you. Character creation is, arguably, the best part of RPGs, and the ground rules (as well as a number of guidelines) will be in your PHB, but…don't take those as gospel. I encourage you to go outside the box and really explore the Forgotten Realms setting for ideas as well as incorporating your own inventions. Just make sure you run custom ideas by me first. However, if it seems like its too much, then I have some story hooks and some pre-made character sheets that can be used.


I know this time of the year will be busy for all of us, but I'd like you guys to spend some time working on your characters. The PHB, as I said, will list races, classes, basic rules and a host of other useful stuff, so familiarize yourself with it as well. Try and read up on the Forgotten Realms setting, as well. It's packed with lore and other things that will help in character creation and in understanding the game. Click this link here for a good primer. I'm sure there will be plenty of questions, and that's fine. You can either direct them to me in person, or use the forums here as I've set up a thread in our campaign forums for that express purpose. 

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