Legacy of Phandelver

It's nearly time...

...for a new adventure!

So, the summer is on its last legs, and that means Thomas will be returning soon, and the campaign will resume! If you recall, Eliza, Sorey, Nicolash and Bert found a map at the end of the Phandelver expedition. Sorey, being proficient in the gnomish language, realized that this map leads to an old gnomish training facility in a far corner of the Underdark. They show the map to the Rockseeker brothers and Sildar, and Sildar, with the aid of the Lords' Alliance, a new adventurer (Tim will be joining us!) and a very unwilling (but unable to refuse) Iarno, they mount an expedition into the Underdark…


In the interim I've found a neat program called Syrinscape. They create sounds, background music and mixes thereof for all sorts of RPG settings. We'll give it a try for the first session back and see what we think and go from there. If you any questions for starting back up, let me know through here or via text, FB message, whatever is most convenient for you.


Quick addendum: there will two new players joining us! Another co-worker of yours, Isaiah, expressed interest in joining earlier today! This just gets more exciting!



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